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Christ Church , Shimla, India

Christ Church , Shimla, India
Christ Church is the second oldest church of Northern India and it overlooks the ridge and is one of the landmarks of Shimla. It is a parish in the Diocese of Amritsar in the Church of North India. Christ Church was built in the Neo-Gothic Style to serve the largely Anglican British Community. The church is painted a light yellow colour and stands at the eastern end of the main street of Shimla called the “Ridge”.
Interior - Christ Church, Shimla
Christ Church was constructed between 1846 and 1857; the outline of this can be seen on the skyline for miles in the region of Shimla. Christ Church was designed by Colonel J.T. Boileau in 1844, but consecrated only after 1857. The porch was added in 1873. During the British Raj the church was regularly attended by the Viceroy and the nobles of British aristocracy.
The superb exquisiteness of the Church comes from the stained glasses fitted on its windows. The church haves five fine stained glass windows. The each one represents the Christian virtues of Faith, Hope, Charity, Fortitude, Patience and Humility. The Pipe Organ of Christ Church is the largest in the Indian subcontinent and was raised in September 1899. Right next to the Church is a library that was built in the year 1910 by James Ransome. It is designed in the distinctive Elizabethan style and consists of a grand collection of books and very old scriptures.

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