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Modern Churches - Three Saints Orthodox Church, Ansonia, Connecticut

Contemporary Churches - Three Saints Orthodox Church
Three Saints Orthodox Church, Ansonia, Connecticut
Three Saints Orthodox Church, Ansonia, Connecticut
Three Saints Orthodox Church is situated in Ansonia, Connecticut, in the Lower Naugatuck Valley, approximately 10 miles outside of New Haven. Three Saints Orthodox Church beginnings could be traced to the end of the last century with immigrants fleeing the Slavic nations (Northern Europe to Southern and Central Europe) to escape religious, cultural, and political persecution that was overbearing in their countries and to improve their economic status. In 1890, a small group of people from Ansonia, mostly from Austria, Hungary and Galicia, formed a group in order to observe their religious teaching. In 1899, purchased a tract of land on Howard Ave and Crescent St and erected a new church edifice. Men of the parish labored on the church property after their day’s work built the Church. The Church was formally dedicated in October 1900. In 1903, fellowship deeded the Church properties for the sum of one dollar to the Russian Orthodox Greek Catholic Three Saints Congregation.  This was the beginning of the Three Saints Orthodox Church. On January 25, 1954, tragedy struck.  A flash fire completely gutted the interior of our House of Worship. After a fire gutted the interior of the church in 1954, a new church was constructed on Howard Avenue. Three Saints Orthodox Church was completed in 1955. On November 20, 1955, the first Divine Liturgy was held in new Church, the church was dedicated in 1956.
 Church Timings
Saturday Evening4:00 PMEvening Vespers and Confessions.
Sunday Morning 9:00 AMDivine Liturgy followed by Fellowship Hour (Year-Round) and Church School (September–June).
Sunday Morning 8:45 AM Hours.
Eves of Great Feasts6:30 PM Vespers and Matins Service.  If Feast Day falls on Monday, Vespers is served following the Sunday Divine Liturgy at 11:00 AM.
Mornings of Great Feasts 9:00 AM Divine Liturgy
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