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Mega Churches - Briarwood Presbyterian Church,Birmingham, Alabama

Interior - Briarwood Presbyterian Church, Birmingham, Alabama
Briarwood Presbyterian Church was formed in 1960 by the Rev. Frank M. Barker, Jr. and is located in suburban Birmingham, Alabama. Briarwood Presbyterian Church was the first church built in the undeveloped Briarwood area in 1955. It was sponsored by Fondren, First, and Trinity Presbyterian Churches under the leadership of Fondren Elder, Emil Harder. Members from those congregations met originally in the home of Fred and Bebe Wallace on Briarwood Drive. Each week the Wallace family rearranged their furniture for Sunday school classes and worship. Growth caused the congregation to meet in the McWillie Elementary School until the first sanctuary was erected in 1957. The present sanctuary was completed in 1974, and the fellowship hall was built in 1980. Central Presbyterian Churchclosed its doors in the summer of 1993 after ninety-nine years of service.
Briarwood Presbyterian Church, Birmingham, Alabama
Many of its members joined Briarwood helping to make it an even stronger church. In 2005 we celebrated 50 years of ministry. In the last five years, Briarwood has completed two capital campaigns to fund the construction of a bell tower/connector between the sanctuary and fellowship hall, the renovation of our facilities, and a community outreach emphasis. Rooms in the educational building house memorabilia of Briarwood's history. Visitors and members are invited to see portraits in the library of the Pastors, Associate Pastors, and Interim Pastors who have served Briarwood. The Heritage room displays pictures of our early history. The mission of Briarwood Presbyterian Church continues to be faithful to the Lord Jesus Christ in worship, education, and ministry. Briarwood has a membership of approximately 4,100 and has been responsible for helping form ministries such as Campus Outreach, Birmingham Theological Seminary, and Young Business Leaders, as well as planting numerous churches around the world. In 2006, it was listed as being the 35th most influential non-catholic church in America by "The Church Report".

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