Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Famous Churches - Milan's Cathedral Duomo in Italy

Milan's Cathedral Duomo in Italy
Milan's Cathedral Duomo has been a central part of the city's life since 1386, when it was founded by Gian Galeazzo Visconti. Milan's Cathedral Duomo is built on the place of the preceding church of Santa Maria Maggiore, the work on The Cathedral Duomo started 1386. It is the most important work of gothic architecture in Italy. During the construction of five centuries, the style has been influenced by many architects. The façade was started in 1567 and was built in a classic-baroque style with a certain variety of classical and neo gothic elements. In 1805, the front works were finished, while the construction of the statues continued through the 19th century. Milan's Cathedral Duomowas completed only in 1960, when the last bronze door was put into place.
Interior - Milan's Cathedral Duomo, Italy
In white Candoglia Marble the majestic construction extends about 157 m length, 93 m wide, and its tallest spire reaches a height of 108 meters. With its 5 naves it is overwhelmingly great and one of the largest churches in Europe. The Terraces on the Roof of the Cathedral are constructed of Candoglia marble from the Maggiore Lake. It presented a unique innovation in the construction of cathedrals roofs. The light falls through splendid stained glass inside. Fascinating is the decoration of more then 3,400 statues. The Golden "Madonna", the four-meter, gold-leaf covered statue of Mary stands at the top of the tallest spire. Milan's Cathedral Duomo is the fourth largest in Europe and the second largest Catholic Cathedral in the world.

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