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St Denys School, Chapel, Murree, Pakistan

St Denys School, Chapel, Murree, Pakistan
Established in 1882, St Denys' School was the first Anglican Protestant School for the British girls in the Murree Hills. The Diocese of Lahore got a scheme for building a great Girls' School to accommodate 300 girls on the site of St. Denys' School, Murree. When completed the original idea was that the girls  present in the Lawrence School at Murree should be transferred to this new school, leaving room in the Boys' School for a large number of boys already on the waiting list.  The chapel was build to cater for religious needs of students and staff.
Principals  of  St. Denys' High School, Murree Hills
Historical record of principals who served St. Denys' High School, Murree Hills is given below:-
1882-1895        Sisters of St. Denys' Warminster, Wiltshire.
1896-1900        Miss  Perry
1900-1905        Miss  Sampson
1906-1908        Miss  E. Traill-Christie
1909-1917        Miss  M. Bealey
1918-1927        Miss  Waterman, St. Hilda's Society
1927-1942        Miss  Haig
1943-1958        Miss  Stallard
1960-1980        Miss  M. White
1981-1982        Miss  Vera Chapman
1983-1989        Miss  Millicent Andrews
1990-2001        Mrs. Shireen Sarfraz
2002-2003        Mrs. Zarina Salik
2004-2006        Mrs. Sarah Cecil
2007- to date   Mrs. Noreen Suleman

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