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St. Lawrence Shrine or Karkala Attur Church, Karnataka State, India

Attur Church, Karkala, Karnataka, India
St. Lawrence Shrine or Attur Church is a Roman Catholic Church in Karkala. It came into reality in 1759 and has a account of miracles. Attur Church situated in the outskirts of Karkala Town in Karnataka State, India. Placed amidst serene greenery, the Attur-Karkala Parish has a rich history with its origin tracing back to 1759. It is distinguished by its Attur Jatre or Attur Fest (Attur Festival). Moreover, it is known for its miraculous history. The Church has a school and an orphanage under its patronage. Miracle, history, beauty, social activities, all bundled into one. Christians of this place too were among those who endured captivity of Tippu Sultan from 1784-1799 AD.
St. Lawrence Shrine or Karkala Attur Church, Karnataka State, India
The Parish Church in those days was situated at a place about 7 kilometers away from the present church. Tippu Sultan destroyed it and took the Christians to Shrirangapatna as captives. Those Christians who returned after freedom from captivity built a church with thatched roof on the way toakre in the year 1801. Under the leadership of a Goan Priest, in the year 1839 it was replaced by another building. It was about 4 Kilometers away from the previous one. This new building happened to be on the back of the present church and was facing west. A small flower garden is standing in that place now. Soon it became a place for pilgrimage. Pilgrims from all sides came to this sacred place and innumerable were the favours granted by the Saint. In the year 1895 the parish priest, Rev. Fr. Frank Pereira finding so many devotees of St. Lawrence flocking to this Church and claiming to have received innumerable favours from the Saint, fostered the devotion further and organized Novenas and prayer services making them more and more meaningful. Then in the year 1900 Rev. Fr. Frank built a Church facing the north. This Church was blessed and inaugurated on 22.1.1901 by the Vicar General, Very Rev. Mgr. Frachett.

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