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Famous Churches - The Basilica at Eztergom, Hungary

The small town of Esztergom sitting on the bank of River Danube in Hungary played an important role in the establishment of the Hungarian state1000 years ago.
The Basilica at Eztergom, Hungary
The building of The Basilica at Eztergom, Hungary is constructed on the foundation of several earlier churches. The first was built by Stephen I of Hungary. Saint Stephen I was Grand Prince and the First King of Hungary. He greatly expanded Hungarian control over the Carpathian Basin during his lifetime, broadly established Christianity in the region. The Original Saint Adalbert Church was constructed in 1001–1010, as the First Cathedral in Hungary and was burned down at the end of XII century. It was rebuilt, and even survived the Mongol invasion of Hungary. However, in 1304, Wenceslaus III, a probable candidate for the Hungarian throne, sacked the castle and the church. It was repaired in the following years.
The Basilica at Eztergom, Hungary
The archbishops of the XIV and XV century decorated and improved the church, made alterations and added a huge library (The second most significant one in the country). It was ruined again under Turkish rule, in 1543. In 1820, the Archdiocese was restored and Archbishop Sándor Rudnay decided to restore status as mother church of the country. The architect was Pál Kühnel , the lead contractor was János Packh. The foundation-stone was laid and work began in 1822 and the final completion of The Basilica at Eztergom took place twelve years later in 1869. It is the tallest building in Hungary and the 18th biggest church in the world. The Church maintains the relics of Catholic martyr and Saint Marko Krizin.

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