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Famous Churches - The church of St. Anne of Goa, India

The Legend
In 1577, the villagers who were living in Talaulim in Goa purchased a plot of land on which a small monastery was to be built to ease the process of conversion. Though the monasterywas constructed, it was not dedicated to any saint.
The church of St. Anne of Goa, India
One day a man reported an incident in which he had a vision of a woman walking down the hill with a cane and a hat and claimed that the monastery was her abode. At the same time, a Brahmin woman claimed that a similar woman had held her hand in her dream when she was very sick thus miraculously curing her. The woman had told her that her name was Anna and she wanted to reside in the monastery. The Brahmin lady graciously converted to Christianity following the miraculous cure. The whole village was stunned and the priest decided to sanctify the church in the name of St. Anne. This is how the church came to be known as The Saint Anne church.
The Church
Interior - The church of St. Anne of Goa, India
The church of St. Anne of Goa is famous for its remarkable architecture in India. It is an example of baroque architecture in Goa.
The Church of St Anne is situated on the right bank of the Siridao River.The present church was reconstructed by Mons Francisco do Rego with his own money. Due to some unforeseen circumstances, he could not complete the construction and Father Antonio Francisco da Cunha was bestowed with the responsibility of completing the construction of the church. The church was finally completed in 1965. Regally nestled in the lush hills of Santana, Talaulim, the Church of Anne was declared a "national monument" during the Portuguese era. Upon Goa's annexation by India, the aforementioned structure was embraced as "national monuments" by the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI).

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